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Bluetooth speaker
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New Design Bluetooth Speaker from JTL

Categories: Latest industrial newsRelease time: 2014-04-12 20:06:00
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Bluetooth speakers compared to conventional speakers, the operation is very simple, oh, a key switch, wireless, hands-free calls is also a key to let people enjoy the Bluetooth wireless technology brings excellent life.



Audio Speaker



JTL Mini Bluetooth speakers as your moblie pendant,it not just bring your music life,relax your hands,for clear call,watching video,and make your mobile 360° security guards at any time and any where.



Mini Speaker



JTL set a precedent,under the efforts of engineers and designers many technical diffculties,in the smallest possible volume,the most curent technology elements into a company body fo 2.68CM.Every design and creation,only for light and unusual,do not increase your any buden,natural and to your wishes,security will be with you all the time.It create perfect starting point,Buletooth speaker designed specifically for mobile phones personal safety companion.