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Bluetooth speaker
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Beautiful sound, innovative multi-functional

Categories: Latest industrial newsRelease time: 2014-05-23 18:49:00
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Beautiful sound, innovative multi-functional

There is no a digital product can remain immutable but continued to be popular, not only because of the Bluetooth stereo able to bring the convenience of listening to the way people suffered a lot of young people's pursuit of its ongoing technical updates can always bring people a new experience, a new convenience features, always let people interested in it. So we can see, Bluetooth stereo is very hot, but also constantly update, also often bring us surprise and joy.


Mini Speaker


JTL-8 Bluetooth speaker high-polished surface, ultrasonic seamless design, from apple descent masterpieces. JTL-8 Bluetooth speaker mini appearance, it's not just Bluetooth speakers, but also as the perfect mobile phone ornaments. 5C and Apple as a variety of colorful freedom of choice. JTL independent research customized mobile APP software. Bluetooth Anti-lost feature, two-way alarm for mobile phones escort; support Bluetooth camera, breaking away from one hand to take pictures, make your pictures more clearly.


Audio Speaker



All design and innovation, only to create a lightweight extraordinary, not to increase the burden on any of your natural heart, you are always safe with accompanying super mini Bluetooth speaker. JTL-8 created a perfect starting point, designed specifically for mobile phone Bluetooth speaker personal safety companion.