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Beautiful Sound from JTL-8 Bluetooth Speaker

Categories: Latest industrial newsRelease time: 2014-05-26 16:28:00
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There is no a digital product can remain immutable but continued to be popular, not only because of the Bluetooth stereo able to bring the convenience of listening to the way people suffered a lot of young people's pursuit of its ongoing technical updates can always bring people a new experience, a new convenience features, always let people interested in it. So we can see, Bluetooth stereo is very hot, but also constantly update, also often bring us surprise and joy.


Audio Speaker



The original APP mobile software of JTL “I-Qube” is possesses with the function of bluetooth photographing, it makes your phone or tablet PC like a professional SLR, bluetooth remote control photographing shows the professional demeanor. From this we can get rid of one-hand photographing, no shaking, be free to self-timer and photographing.



Mini Speaker



This is a very portable, fashionable bluetooth speakers, but with the iphone, the device, the android mobile phone, and tablet PCS and other wireless links.With the collocation of the wire, in series with the mobile phone with you to carry anywhere.Whether in the study, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, or in the outdoor outing, green dot will be your close-fitting music mates.