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2015 new promotional products JTL-10 double speakers

Categories: Latest industrial newsRelease time: 2015-03-24 14:22:00
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 2015 new promotional products JTL-10 double speakers


♦  New  Product Description 



Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Rated power


Frequency Response


Distortion factor


Signal-to-noise ratio





27mm; 4Ω 2W+ 27mm diaphragm speaker



Bluetooth version

Bluetooth V4.0



Bluetooth (optional)

SIG Association of Certified Bluetooth compatible Bluetooth 

V2.1+EDR version



Bluetooth voice prompt


Bluetooth anti-lost


TF card music play


Product size


Product weight

41g(body weight)


  New Product Details  

 JTL10 EN10JTL10 EN03


  New Features  


JTL10 EN11JTL10 EN09

 Bluetooth Anti-lost Function


When your Bluetooth device leave the portable speaker a safe distance, both the phone and speaker will be alarming at the same time, so as your phone or wallet will be never lost again.


JTL10 EN01


♦   One Key Control Camera 


After you connected to mobilephone, it can take photos via wireless device, you can shoot the most beautiful photo, is to assist the photo best fitting combinations.




  Blurtooth Call 

JTL10 EN08


  The Eight Reasons why is worth you have  



♥ Can be put in change pocket. World's smallest Bluetooth speaker,can be handsfree call,Easily protable,truly portable as well as your Bluetooth headset, just like your cell phone free in pocket closely without occupying any place


♥ Your cell phone will never disappeared without any reason, because it has the world's most intelligent mini anti-lost APP software , two-way alarming, the Find feature and quick located function


♥ Top self-snapshot artifact. Self-snapshot or fixed scene, the phone can become SLR, Bluetooth control the photo,bidding farewell to take pictures with one hand without shaking, truely realize sending and receiving freely with your heart


♥ Safe driving road without any worries, using one Bluetooth key to answer a call, clear, large volume, let you driving safely and talking freely


♥ Soaring tenfold of your phone sound immediately with crisp and clear dimensional sound, listening to music, watching videos and playing games are all available, which makes all your companions enjoying high time


♥ Both of the old and kids can use. voice prompt is for Bluetooth connection and disconnection, automatically matching and simply searching


♥ More than a Bluetooth speaker, but also as the perfect mobile phone ornaments,just like Apple 5C, a variety of colorful choice can be come ture


♥ Apple Powder.High polished surface,called art design,from the same lineage of Apple


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