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2015 The new product of JTL perfect sound londspeaker

Categories: Latest industrial newsRelease time: 2015-03-30 09:04:00
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 2015 The new product of JTL perfect sound londspeaker 

    JTL-10 is the lastest product from now on ,this speaker has two londspeakers can satisfy your hearing fellings.

    JTL-10 has three basic functions.

1.Bluetooth music, Bluetooth phone: the most minimal dual-speakers bluetooth speaker in the world,support bluetooth music play , support bluetooth phone at the same time, one key answer without setting
2.Bluetooth shutter: One key to start the phone camera , can remote control phone camera,  convenient to start at any time. Support for Apple and above Android 4.0 phones, Bluetooth 4.0 version.
3. Anti-lost, look for: When the speaker and phone connected by bluetooth, it can be set a safe distance , to achieve anti-lost protection. While mobile phones and speakers can be set through the key, two-way looking for, and powerful.

    This cute londspeaker I think you will love it!