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Bluetooth speaker
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Travel bluetooth speakers

Categories: Company newsRelease time: 2013-09-10 11:50:00
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On the verge of the past in the summer, although these days the weather was very hot, but want to meet hot weather these days may be about to wait until next year. Friends are already going to seize the tail of summer to go outside for a short trip to body and mind put a fake? If friends recently have short-distance travel plans, might as well take a journey necessary bluetooth speakers, the bluetooth speakers not only can be sent boring time of the journey, but also for the short of friends a lot of fun!

Crystal crystal of lightning bluetooth speakers is a very suitable for outdoor use portable bluetooth speaker products under complicated environment, crystal bluetooth speakers with super four functions, namely, rainproof, dustproof, scratch-resistant and shock, let more flexible, more can adapt to the outdoor harsh environment. Overall control and hand feeling is very good, is a very good necessary bluetooth speakers of outdoor products.

This bluetooth speaker with the lithium battery life, can play outdoors for up to 10 hours, meet the needs of the user for a long time outdoor use. This bluetooth speaker used the 3.5 mm audio interface, can meet the needs of user to connect a variety of sound source to use. Crystal crystal bluetooth speakers the voice of the overall performance of lightning is very balanced, vocal performance is exquisite, meet the needs of the user to listen to music in the outdoor.