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Bluetooth speaker
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Listen to our customer review on cube bluetooth speaker

Categories: Company newsRelease time: 2015-12-01 14:52:00
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This speaker is the smallest Bluetooth speaker I've ever tested. It's small, but it belts out quite a bit of sound. For a small space of a few people, like an office cubicle or a car, I can see this being a huge hit. For housework, studying, or relaxing, it's very useful as well. Because it's so small, you can put it anywhere and pocket it when you're done.

The only controls are the center button, which turns it on and off. To adjust volume, use your paired device. For my video, I had my iPod on full blast. The audio level is shown as is, coming directly out of the speaker.

To prevent loss, the speaker makes a loud "boop boop boop boop" sound when it has detected a lost connection. Bluetooth has a stated range of 30 feet, which I can confirm. I stepped into the hallway, past my heavy metal firedoor before the device started beeping.

It's for fun, so don't expect a great deal of performance or hi-fidelity sound. I didn't try the camera remote function since I do not have an Android phone. I also don't intend to use it for voice chat or speakerphone, only music, and for that, I'm quite happy with it. It's a great low-cost gift idea for someone who likes gadgets, or for office gift exchanges during the holidays.

Charges via USB micro (cable not included). Manufacturer provided unit for evaluation.

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