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Enjoy at JTL bluetooth speaker music accompanying

Categories: Company newsRelease time: 2013-09-10 11:47:00
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Nowadays, music has been popular a kind of fashion and popular around the world. Whether you like rock music, electronic music, classical music or pop music, as long as your ears, you can listen to it. If you think your phone music player to play music to reach their ideal sound quality, you can try to your mobile phone is equipped with a bluetooth speakers. Here is to recommend a this year's most popular crystal crystal of lightning bluetooth speakers, let them touched your life, let you do music accompanying, enjoy follow.

Crystal crystal bluetooth speakers adopt CCboost technology of lightning, 2 + 1 acoustic structure, double horn and passive basin can obtain high quality performance. Crystal crystal bluetooth speakers of lightning is bluetooth speakers in the history of revolutionary products, the end of the long era of no good quality bluetooth speakers single horn design, bring you extraordinary feeling. Crystal crystal of lightning bluetooth speakers can support all kinds of bluetooth devices, matching tablets, smart phones and all kinds of bluetooth devices. With 3.5 mm audio connectors input and bluetooth wireless connection, perfect outdoor use; Built-in high capacity lithium ion battery of high performance, volume used in last 10 hours, that allows you to travel anywhere to enjoy the wonderful music.

The development of science and technology, wireless, let's get rid of the bound mind and body in the cable, excellent in bluetooth, wireless, has been widely accepted, thus derived bluetooth speaker makes music more follow, make body and mind more easy and free. Crystal crystal of lightning bluetooth speaker as a portable bluetooth speaker, integrate fashion and portable, the making craft of the high-end, fashion contracted modelling and powerful features, bring your music life color and movement.