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Crystal speaker teachers' day to send blessings

Categories: Company newsRelease time: 2013-09-10 11:36:00
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In the field of the speakers, if a male friend of the inner configuration and quality, so women friends is concerned is the appearance, so say a fashion modeling beautiful speakers are more likely than a sound good speakers to get the favour of women. Today then love listening to the movies and music for female friends to introduce a speaker "JTL - 03" crystal crystal bluetooth speakers of lightning, it looks cute, but also not ignore the acoustics, inside and outside is a manner of bluetooth speakers.

Quality is the soul of the speakers, and strong ability of low frequency is the biggest bright spot in sound quality. Therefore a bluetooth speakers of low-frequency ability strong or weak, determines the speaker sound quality. Crystal crystal of lightning bluetooth speakers, essential need to rein in some of the awesome heavy metal rock, so there is no burly low-frequency ability obviously can't. At the same time as a bluetooth stereo in the official quotation for 368 yuan, is full of strong performance.

Teachers' day is coming, whether teachers can bring gift to consider well oneself, for hard busy teacher, one can enjoy movies at home or listen to wonderful music bluetooth speakers are on teacher's day give yourself a great gift. Crystal crystal speakers of lightning happy New Year to the teachers, for children to open a better tomorrow!