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Crystal speakers to let the music into the art

Categories: Company newsRelease time: 2013-09-10 11:01:00
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In the super mobile devices, mobile phones, tablets, digital products such as the rise of today, users need a small size, quality excellent small speakers to replace the mobile devices onboard speaker. Many sound brand has already started to launch small volume of the speaker. But can give attention to both the speakers is of small size and good quality. Today, introduce crystal crystal of lightning bluetooth speakers are rarely able to achieve higher quality at the same time, let the speaker volume narrowed.

Crystal crystal bluetooth speakers of lightning design imaginative, creative crystal shape is very eye-catching. As a trend of art, let users enjoy the auditory feast at the same time, also can enjoy a feast for the eyes of the visual, it also embodies the crystal "music into the art" design concept of lightning. Crystal crystal of lightning speaker, is not only a product, but also a brand new fashion attitude to life.

The modelling of fashion and personality, with a unique artistic aesthetic concept, reveals the new fashion and personality. A computer, MP3,, iPhone, iPod, mobile phone etc, audio equipment, wireless bluetooth connection make the operation more casual comfort. Crystal material density is very high, its hardness is second only to diamond, use it as a speaker cavity, the performance of the quality has reached the perfect level, the high clear loud strong penetrating power, alto mellow and sweet. Fruity speaker cavity, also makes the speaker's tone anomaly is exquisite, very magnetic, feels comfortable. Voice of every level of performance is satisfactory, hobby music and the pursuit of the art life people's first choice.