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Crystal speakers back-to-school, let music touched her

Categories: Company newsRelease time: 2013-09-10 11:11:00
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Crystal days ray brand launched a wireless bluetooth speakers, crystal it lovely compact shape. Back-to-school sent his beloved girlfriend crystal bluetooth speaker is a nice surprise, but also a secret weapon for secret admirer, crystal speakers back-to-school, that she let music moved you.

Bluetooth speaker is currently one of the most popular products in the industry, relative to the traditional audio products, wireless speakers have a natural advantage in portable and practical, this kind of product also has attracted more attention to the consumer.

JTL crystal speakers

In terms of actual listening experience, waterline bluetooth speakers powerful bass, intermediate frequency vocals has performed well in the same price, sound strong penetrating power, for users like listening to light music and pop music is a good choice. Speaker output power also relatively satisfactory, crystal bluetooth speaker music can easily transfer to every corner of the college dorm room.

In bluetooth testing, crystal bluetooth speakers start quickly, the bluetooth signal is strong, the response is also quite good, take it easy on your phone connection immediately, after successfully connected to the speakers will du voice prompt, very human nature is changed.