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Bluetooth speaker
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Bluetooth speakers to listen to high quality music

Categories: Company newsRelease time: 2013-09-10 11:27:00
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Bluetooth speaker is not new, but its limited use in the past, at the same time price on the high side, so choose this kind of product of consumers are less. And the rapid popularity of smartphones, tablets, let the user begin to pay close attention to the bluetooth speakers this kind digital peripheral products. Bluetooth speaker allows users to get rid of the bondage of the wire, the effective use distance to 10 meters, let the user is free to listen. If you are a digital player, like watching video, playing games, consider to buy a bluetooth speaker with your bluetooth device.

Crystal crystal of lightning bluetooth speakers have amazing audio transmission distance, under the premise that no obstacle wireless transmission distance up to 10 meters away, allow the user to thoroughly get rid of the cable tie. Crystal bluetooth speakers and lightweight portable, well-presented and sense of science and technology. With high efficiency and energy saving the built-in battery, play theory for 10 hours, users of outdoor travel, more can understand the bluetooth speaker design of crystal charm. And crystal bluetooth speakers can deduce in movies, games, music can burst into strong bass impact and plenty of volume, whether it is a very powerful bass and clear treble and vigorous rich tenor can deduce lifelike, unmatched in immersive feeling.